Here is what you need to know about Request Writer when making a submission:

Delivery Date

This is how long it will take you to complete the work, please keep in mind this is per order. You may have times where you receive 5 orders at once so if you put 24 hours then the buyer expects the order to take 24 hours. Please leave extra time for yourself as a buffer.


Payouts are done through PayPal and can be done once you have hit the required amount of $20. A Paypal Email address will also need to be provided for Request Writer to send the funds too. When requesting a payout, please enter your PayPal email address in the forms notes.

Payouts that are processed will on average only take a few hours but please allow up to 24 hours once it is requested and a Email address is provided. A maximium of 1 payout can be requested per day.

An order must be completed to release the funds. When you send the delivery make sure to make a note asking them to complete the order and leave a review. The more reviews you get the better you will look on the site.

Order Fee

The order fee is 13% which helps hosting and improving the site. There is also a small fee through Paypal (usually 2.9% or less). The industry standard is 20%. Our rate can change in the future if needed.

Order Completion

If an order is set to “delivered” by the writer it will be compeleted after 5 days automatically.


Please add an image to your submission and your profile that are not copyrighted. It really helps you stand out.

Word Count

Please add the price for the amount of words you are looking for. Example most put 500 words and then people can just increase the quantity by 2 if they want a 1,000 word article.

Removed from Site

Asking anyone to do work privately not using RequestWriter is a bannable feature and you will be removed from the platform. There is a zero tollerance with this for both the writer and/or seller.

Accepting Terms

By joining Request Writers website you agree to all the terms and agreements above plus on the website that are mentioned. You also agree to the user terms.

If you have any questions, you can always message “Kevin” or Email at

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