Here is what you need to know about Request Writer:

Word Count

Most writers put 500 words for the word count, this doesn’t mean you can only get 500 words. When you are finializing the order process you can change the quantity. For example if you want to have 1,000 word article you would just change the quantity to 2. This will be 1,000 words (500 x 2) and quantity to 3 for 1,500 words (500 x 3) and so on.

Order Fee

The order fee is passed onto the writers and clients don’t pay anything extra. This helps make the process a lot smoother and more cost efficient for the client, the writer already has this fee figured into their costs.

Delivery Time

This is an ESTIMATE of how long it will take the writer to deliver your work, please keep in mind these time will most likely be longer as the writers may have other work in queue. We are working on some plans to make this more acurate, for example show you how many orders are in the queue before ordering so you have an idea of the completion date. Always feel free to message the writer for an update if the amount of time specified has passed.

Order Completion

If an order is received it will be compeleted after 5 days of being in the “delivered” status. Please make sure to check the order in that time frame to see if you need revisions.

This is important if for some reason you don’t receive your delivery definatelly message the writer and get a status. Life happens and things can be postponed for any reason but we want to try and get your work to you when it is due.

You can always reach out to if you don’t hear anything back and need to cancel your order. This will take some time as we will contact the writer to make sure they haven’t delivered it or are almost complete with it.

Please complete your order when you are happy with it. The writer doesn’t get paid till the order is completed.

Removed from Website

Asking anyone to do work privately not using RequestWriter is a bannable offense and you will be removed from the platform. There is a zero tollerance with this for both the writer and/or clients.


When an order is completed please leave an honest review so others will know how well the service will work for them. This helps both other users and the writer gain attention on this platform. Please leave this review with the writer in mind, if you were unhappy about the platform please email me so we can improve the issue you are having.

How Request Writer Works

When an order is created and paid the money is sent to Request Writer and held while the work is being completed. Once the order is marked as “Completed” by the user the money is then available for the writer to cash out ($20 minimium). There is a small percentage the website takes to keep the lights on, improve, and maintain.

Please remember the writers are free lancers and the website helps them get orders, at times we will freeze hiring new writers as we don’t want to grow to quickly. We want to vet our writers properly and offer the best quality we can. Writers with repeat issues and low reviews will lose their current listings and ability to make new ones.

Make sure you have absolutely no revisions needed and you are completely happy with the work before you complete the article. If the order stays in the “Delivered” status for over 5 days the order can automatically be marked as “completed”.

Refund Policy

This is a very tricky situation and we do offer refunds AFTER a full investigation. Please keep this in mind as this can easily take 7 days to complete. First, contact the writer through messages and see if you can resolve it on your own.

If that is not the case the client must give a reason why they want a refund. You can simply mark the order for a “dispute” and message Kevin [ Click Support ].

If it is because of quality of work, the delivered order must be released to Request Writer to review and make sure that the quality is not up to par. We will also get the writer involved and let them know what is going on, this is why it can take some time depending on the response from the writer. If the writer doesn’t respond after some time we will make the decission with this in mind.

If an order is marked as complete a refund will not be given as the work has been accepted and the payment has already went to the writer. At this time Request Writer no longer has the money from the order to refund, the writer does.

Accepted Terms

By joining Request Writers website you agree to all the terms and agreements above plus on the website that are mentioned. If you are going to write for us you would also agree to the listing terms.

If you have any questions, you can always message “Kevin” or Email at

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