SEO Editing with POP [1 Article]

SEO Editing with POP [1 Article]
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Hello! I’m Kevin from the YouTube channel Kevin Stats.

Let me take an existing article and optimize it with Page Optimizer Pro. This works best for articles on page 2 and further down on Google.

Please keep in mind you do not need to have subscriptions to these services, as I will use my own plan. The cost is included in this price, about $4 ($2 for NLP & $2 for Subscription).

This will include NLP and EEAT as well. These are very valuable as they will help you rank even better.

All I need is the link to your published article or the article in Google Docs (no MS Word, please). I will then send you a link with the completed changes through the website.

This service does four things:

  • SEO Optimized Title
  • SEO Optimized Search Title
  • SEO Optimized Sub Headings
  • SEO Optimized Content

Each article takes me over an hour to properly set up. I will also provide extra advice when I have it.

These actions should help move your rankings up as you will then be providing Google with the information they are looking for.

The average turnaround time should be about 3-4 days, depending on the quantity ordered. Please message me if you have any questions.

Here is a video of me doing this service for myself. Page Optimizer Pro (Ranked 1) –

Please keep in mind this doesn’t guarantee increased rankings, but I will do my best for you.

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