An Hour with Kevinsmak (from KevinStats)

An Hour with Kevinsmak (from KevinStats)
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Hello! I’m Kevin from the YouTube channel Kevin Stats. I have several requests for my help with people’s websites or education so I decided to offer it here. This can be a 1-hour call on Discord or Zoom.

Here are the things I can help with:

  • Private software help: Surfer SEO / WordPress / Other tools I use
  • Website review
  • Website direction
  • YouTube advice
  • Just talk about websites and YouTube
  • and more I can’t think of yet!

What can I do for you: I am very good at finding ideas for websites and checking through to see what else can be done. If you need help with Surfer SEO or WordPress I do know them well and I have been a software trainer for years. I will not be able to help with technical issues with Wordpess however.

Who is this for?: If you have a website and it’s just not moving or you need someone to give you some advice on what direction to do I can help you out. Also, if you watched some videos on Surfer and other products and want to have more of a 1 on 1 learning we can do that as well.

I do not recommend this for someone who has a very successful website and is extremely knowledgeable in this space, this will benefit newer bloggers the most that have already started or are starting a site (or YouTube channel).

Confidential: Everything we talk about will stay between us unless you say different. I will not share your website or vision with anyone. I have plenty of sites myself and I don’t plan on starting anymore.

Please do understand I have a very busy schedule so feel free to message me if you also have a busy schedule to see if we can find a time to meet. Here is a general availability in EST though things can change: Monday 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Tuesday most of the day, Wednesday 9:30 AM, Thursday 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Friday 9:30 AM, Saturday 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Sunday Noon and later.

This will be a 1-hour session, if you buy multiple we would either split them up or take 5 minutes to break between the hour sessions if needed.

Interested? If so then great! Please keep in mind this price will rise as it gets more popular as I have limited time available with all I do.

I’m excited to help you out, once you purchase please use the notes section and let me know what you would like to accomplish with your hour. If it is related to your YouTube channel or website leaving the link will help me research it before our call so we can maximize the time.




Excellent experience. Kevin answered all my questions and then some. Definitely value for money and I will use the service again.

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